Intelligent Fixed-Mount Skin Temperature Screening

FLIR Elara™ FR-345-EST

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The FLIR Elara FR-345-EST is an affordable, fixed-mount radiometric camera for accurately measuring skin temperature at medium- to high-throughput entry control points. Equipped with on-edge, intelligent face detection, Elara FR-345-EST issues on-screen prompts to individuals when they need to remove glasses, while also guiding them to the correct position for best measurement. The non-contact camera automatically locates and measures the inner canthus (corner of the eye) within one second and provides an instant pass/fail graphic to the individual. Integration with VMS systems further streamlines workflow and decision-making for facilities, while helping security personnel maintain a safe distance from potential health risks. Elara FR-345-EST does not require or save personally identifiable information (PII) for skin temperature screening.

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  • Fast, Automated, and Accurate Skin Temperature Screening

    Precise radiometric thermal camera automatically locates and measures the temperature of the inner canthus (corner of the eye).

  • Flexible VMS and Access Control Integrations

    Seamless user experience through major VMS platforms simplifies installation, speeds workflow, and promotes faster decision-making.

  • Intelligence at The Edge

    On-camera algorithms provide rapid, reliable, and actionable screening results with adaptive alarm thresholds and instant feedback.

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Detector Type
Long-Life, Uncooled VOx Microbolometer
Input Voltage
12-30 VDC (±10%), 24 VAC (21-28 VAC), 802.3at (PoE+)
Power Consumption
17 W
Visible Sensor Type
1920 x 1080
Cyber Security
IEEE 802.1x, TLS Authentication - control & streaming, Digest authentication, HTTPS encryption, Encrypted FW upload, Access control via firewall
0-95% relative
IP Rating (dust & water ingress)
Operating Temperature Range
15 to 45°C
Storage Temperature Range
-40 to 70°C
Vandal Resistance
Measurement & Analysis
Accuracy [Drift] in Screening Mode
±0.5°C (±0.9°F)
Object Temperature Range
15 to 45°C (59 to 113°F); camera provides contrast from -20 to 120°C (-4 to 248°F) but will not provide temperature information
Screening Mode Subject Distance
1m ± 0.2m
System Integration
Digital I_O
Input: one dry alarm contact
Output: one photo relay contact 1A max at 24 VAC/30 VDC
10/100 Mbps
Network APIs
ONVIF Profile S
Streaming Resolution
Thermal: upscaled to VGA (640 × 480)
Visible: 1080p (1920 × 1080), 720p (1280 × 720), VGA (640 × 480)
Thermal Camera
Array Format (NTSC)
320 x 256
Pixel Pitch
17 µm
Thermal f number
Thermal Frame Rate
Video & Recording
Video Compression
Two independent channels of H.264 or M-JPEG for visible
One channel of H.264 or M-JPEG for thermal
Visible Camera
Field of view (FOV)
45° × 34°
Focal Length
4 mm
Lens Field of View
HFOV = 75°
VFOV = 44°
0.05 Lux (at f1.6 AGC ON, 30FPS)
Visible f number
Export Restrictions

Export Restrictions

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FLIR Elara™ FR-345-EST